When Is It Time To Add Video to Your Marketing Plan?

Websites used to be just a way for people to find you. And it still is. But it has become even more than that. For example, when done correctly, your website should be interactive, solution driven, and easy to navigate. The website world is changing quickly. Websites used to be pretty static, unchanging, and a …

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Predictions About Video in 2014

We at Plum Productions may not have a crystal ball, but we can see the trends that are both affecting our business and driving our business. Here are a couple of trends that we think you’d like to know about in 2014. Mobile. Video on mobile devices has grown extremely fast in the last couple …

Is Video Good For Business?

How Video Helps Studies have shown that consumers will search Google, Bing, or another search engine for information about your business before buying. Some businesses use this to their advantage while some do not. The goal is to have great quality content posted on a consistent basis along with engaging information. That’s where video comes …

When Video Speaks for Itself

Let’s face it: It’s not often that we get to create a piece on a subject matter so visually amazing that we can let the video speak for itself.  Here’s the story of Robert Wick, a bronze sculptor who draws inspiration from his surroundings in the remote desert of Arizona. This video features classic editing: …

New Ideas for Generating Revenue with Video

At Plum Productions, we always pride ourselves on being able to show our clients how videos can help them gain visibility and enhance their marketing strategy.  However, once in a while, one of our clients will surprise us with a new concept.  Recently, a particularly inventive entreprenuer had an idea to help generate revenue, but …

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