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Livestream Video Production is an economical way to connect with a broad audience. Our clients have expanded their impact by live streaming fundraisers, events and corporate communications through Plum Productions’ Live Streaming Services. In fact, many of them have replaced their in person events with Live Streaming permanently!

If you’re not sure how livestreaming can help your brand, nonprofit, or business make more money, we can help you find all the ways livestreaming will drive more dollars to the business. Your livestream will require some specific items, so be prepared to answer a few questions before we get started. Check out some of our previous livestreams on our Portfolio Page.

Livestream video production is starting to take priority on some platforms and directly competing with television broadcasts, online shows, podcasts, and more. One other stat that may help you decide whether Livestreaming is right for you is that live videos will hold a viewer’s attention between 10 and 20 times longer than a pre-recorded video. Most likely because they can’t fast forward it. Additionally, the livestreaming industry has nearly doubled between 2019 and 2020, and it has continued to grow quickly since then.
Most people watch video on their handheld devices, but many more are also watching on their laptops, iPads, and even their smart TVs. More important than that, livestream quality is vastly improving since the early days for livestreaming. Faster internet speeds are making a big impact on the quality of video feeds now and it’s only going to help you sell more.
If you have questions, we can help! Our experienced team will work with you plan your content, resolve logistics and execute flawlessly!

Plum Productions Livestream Portfolio

Association of Fundraising Professionals
Live Stream
Boca Raton Police Foundation – Breakfast
Live Stream
Gift Of Life – Bio Bank Ribbon Cutting Event
Live Stream

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