4 Creative Ways Video Marketing Attracts New Patients

If you’re looking to introduce yourself to new patients, this article will break down several tips to video marketing to help acquire new patients.

8 Important Reasons Businesses Should Have a YouTube Channel

Here at Plum Productions we think every business should have a YouTube channel because it provides a lot of benefit. Here are some of the benefits our clients are telling us they find… Reasons Why Any Business Should Have a YouTube Channel Increased Reach: YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, behind …

7 Benefits of Video In Business Marketing

Video has become an increasingly important tool for businesses looking to market themselves and reach new customers. In fact, according to a recent survey, over 50% of marketers claim that video is the type of content with the highest ROI. Below are just a few of the many benefits that video can bring to your …

4 Beneficial Videos To Promote a Professional Service

What video format is the most suitable for a professional service? This type of question gets asked with production services for what a company is looking to accomplish with using video as a means to support their business. So what types of videos should you look to create as a production company in order to …

What Is An Instructional Video?

What is an instructional video? An instructional video is any video that shows the viewer how to do something or gain knowledge. It can be anything from showing a process in the physical world or using a software application to teach soft skills such as leadership, customer service, values, etc. Instructional videos are the most …

What Should Be In A Business Video?

Business Video Defined A business video is a powerful marketing tool that can help a company to showcase its products or services, educate its audience, and build brand awareness. When creating a business video, we believe you must consider what elements should be included in order to make the video effective and engaging. Here are …

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