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Plum Productions serves all of South Florida, including Miami, Florida. As one of the premiere Miami Corporate Video Production Companies, we’d like to share an example of a video project where we helped an award winning Miami construction company show off their work in Pembroke Pines and the Miami area. Two projects, both very different with the same branding message: No matter what the project, we can handle it. The crew at each location was amazing and they shared and what they did in each of these corporate marketing videos.

It’s hard to believe what this first project is about. This construction company needed to demolish and reconstruct the inside of a restaurant…but, that’s not the hard part. They needed to do it in 2 weeks! You read that right…two weeks!

When they approached us, they wanted to capture a simple time-lapse video showing all the moving parts that took place to make it happen. We asked if they were open to another, more creative, idea. We asked if they had ever seen one of those HGTV shows where they show the before, during, and after shots of a renovation (think Bar Rescue, Property Brothers). They loved the idea and asked how they could help make it happen. We agreed to create an HGTV style video where the production crew came to the restaurant on three separate occasions and captured visuals and interviews to tell the story. This story could easily be converted to a TV commercial or any other video marketing that illustrates the story. Want to see the video we created with them to show off their impressive work? Here it is…

The other project was in Miami Beach, FL. Miami Beach is quickly becoming a growing area and retailers are trying to get in before its too late! While this one isn’t a retail product informational video, you easily see how this professional video can be repurposed to social media, corporate event pages, or a film about the production itself. We learned the construction company had several challenges, and one of their biggest was to complete this project on time and in scope. Here’s a peek into the project with interviews from their team.

For Plum, Miami is a special place. There’s so much culture. So much flavor! This is why Plum Productions sees Miami as one of the most fun and most exciting places work with clients in creating their video. Miami-based corporations must stand out as different. Blending in is not an option, rather most Miami-based companies would rather stand out. That’s usually when we get called.

Miami is such a cool place, we were asked to come back again and shoot some more video for another project! We started with the concept of time-lapse video showing the construction over the course of months. After that, we interviewed some of the main guys who worked on the site. From start to finish, they shared the awesome work they did in Brickell. Check it out here: 


Whether you have a need for a testimonial video, product video, location tour, or an about us video call the video production company in Miami that can create video content that works! We offer several video production services in and around the Miami, Florida area. We believe we can help you too if you’re in South Florida, but it starts with a phone call or email. If we can help you by answering any questions or help you create a new, different concept, we’d be happy to help.

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