Fort Lauderdale Video Production

We work all over the state of Florida as a full service video production company…and Fort Lauderdale is no exception. Whether we were hired by another production company or by the client directly, we’ve handled all kinds of video in and around Fort Lauderdale. Here are a few of our favorite Fort Lauderdale Video Production Projects.

A Fort Lauderdale Law Firm wanted to shoot some short website videos for their newly created website. They told us they wanted to keep visitors on their site longer, inform visitors of what they do, and help the visitor feel more comfortable making a call into the office. That’s when we got the call to create the videos they were looking for. We planned, scripted, shot, and performed the post production edits to create the following video:

Another example of how we help our clients in the Fort Lauderdale market was with Foundation Flooring. They were looking to expand their marketing in that area and used video to do it. They decided to create a few short videos that could be emailed out to potential clients, past clients, and potential referral sources. By emailing them directly, they were able to show referral sources (the more profitable area of acquiring new business) what their showroom looks like, how they can bring their clients in to show options, and how every client is taken care of while in the showroom. Here’s what that video looked like.

Whether it’s to show a product or to show a service, video will speak to your potential and existing clients in a way that matters. We travel all over South Florida to create awesome corporate videos. We believe we can help you achieve the goals you want to accomplish…but it starts with a phone call.

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