Secret Weapon To a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

You are scheduled to attend a trade show as an exhibitor, and you want to get the most out of the show. What do you do to maximize the results of the time you invest in preparing? You can use video before, during, and after the show to maximize the impact of the show.

Pre-Trade Show Video Strategy

One often overlooked yet potent tool is the pre-trade show video. Understanding the attendees’ profile is key, and if you have their email contacts, you’re at a significant advantage. The impact of sending them a personalized invitation to your booth is greater than you can imagine. This strategy goes beyond mere attendance; it’s about creating a memorable experience before the event even begins.

Why a Pre-Trade Show Video?

  1. Build Relationships:  In the business world, the statement of “know, like, and trust” is powerful. A warm, inviting introduction video can set the stage for building these potential relationships. By giving attendees a glimpse of who you are, you increase the likelihood of them stopping by your booth, initiating valuable interactions.
  2. Humanizing Your Brand: Today digital interactions are the norm, showcasing the human element of your business is vital. People prefer dealing with other people, especially when it comes to resolving issues or making significant decisions (think sales). A personalized invitation video can add a human touch to your trade show presence, making your brand more approachable and relatable.
  3. Stand Out: While some exhibitors might reach out via email, very few leverage the power of video invitations. By adopting this approach, you distinguish yourself from the crowd. Creativity in your video content can further enhance your visibility and appeal, even as video invitations become more common.

The more personalized the message the better, but here’s a good example of what one client did prior to a trade show they were attending.

“Hi, I’m (insert name) from (insert company). You’ve registered for the upcoming trade show and you’re probably starting to identify which booths to visit to make the most of your time at the expo. We’d like to invite you to stop by and enter …  “

Use Video During the Trade Show

Why stop at sending them an invitation? Using video throughout the trade show can significantly enhance your impact at the show. Here are a few ideas:

  • Expo Display Videos: Create engaging content to display at your booth. It will attract and retain attendee’s attention. You’ll find attendees strolling by looking at your video, giving you the chance to engage in a conversation.
  • Don’t Rely On Audio: If you chose to create a Trade Show Video, remember that it’s going to be noisy during the event. You won’t want to feature or rely on interviews or narration to do the job, you’ll need strong visuals and engaging words on screen to capture their attention.
  • Use Pain Words: Putting a transcript on the screen is nice, but using graphics highlighting the pain your typical clients have will capture their attention.

Post-Show Videos

After the show is over it’s time for the follow up. That’s usually where others drop off and don’t perform well. Make it easy on yourself.

  1. Thank You Message: Create a post-show thank you message thanking them for attending and visiting your booth. Use the contacts you’ve gathered and send a “personalized” note. Personalized means general enough to speak to anyone who visited, but specific enough to resonant with most visitors.
  2. Contest Announcement Video: Typically, exhibitors have a giveaway or prize they’re awarding. Engage attendees with a contest and announce winners through a video, adding an interactive element to your presence.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are several more things you can do with video before, during and after the trade show but these will get you started. A key takeaway is that most people won’t do any of these things. They’re content to just talk to people and hope they call them after the show. Hope shouldn’t be a strategy. Use video to engage before, during, and after the trade show to maximize your efforts in gaining new sales.

If you need help creating ideas, creating concepts, or just want to get started creating a video for your trade show event, give us a call. We’re happy to help.


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