5 Keys From YouTube on Marketing Your Videos

Knowing that you’re going to spend some money on a quality video, shouldn’t you at least know how to better market them on YouTube? Here are a 5 keys to smart marketing on YouTube. Many of these came from YouTube’s Playbook, so use wisely!

  1. Create a Playlist. This is a grouping of videos, either by theme, subject matter within a theme, or any way you want to dice up a theme. A playlist can either be your own videos or from other channels. The goal behind creating a playlist is to get people to stay on your channel longer. If you have your viewers going from one video to another because you provide good content, your brand gets recognized. Your brand begins to place higher in the “Suggested Video” section.
  2. Trailer. We’ve all heard that movie voice, “One man, against all odds, …” but having a channel trailer is important because it’s the first thing people will see when visiting your channel. One of the keys to having a trailer is to make it engaging and interactive. Why should people look at your channel? What content are you providing? Keep it short, but make it stick. Make sure the video shows the brand’s personality and character. If your company is whimsical, the trailer should be too. If you brand is serious, so should be your trailer.
  3. Annotations. While admittedly an annoying feature if you are watching the video, this is one of the best ways to engage your audience. Annotations are those text boxes that show up on the screen. They are clickable and can give some important information that might not be included in the video. Remember connecting is important. Get those viewers to comment by adding annotations.
  4. Analytics. What gets measured, gets done. One of the best tools Google offers is the YouTube Analytics page. It’s available for your YouTube channel as well. Learning which video has been watched the longest (not necessarily the most number of times) can tell you a lot about what your audience wants to know. By looking at the analytics, you can customize and improve later videos you post. You can also determine who your viewers are and how engaging your videos are to them.
  5. Interaction. Finally, one of the keys to successful marketing your YouTube page is interaction. Not just with your viewers, but with other channels. Interaction on your part is simple. Like other videos (while logged in as your brand), make playlists with other channel’s videos, and commenting on other channels. As with anything being measured, do this in moderation. Google doesn’t like it if you just like everything.

We hope this helps you be more productive on YouTube and improve your rankings. If you liked this article, please give it a share!  

Source: SoMedia Networks. (2014). Five Tips from YouTube's Playbook on Marketing Your Videos. Retrieved from: videomarketing.somedia.net/five-tips-from-youtubes-playbook-on-marketing-your-videos/


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